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M.M.C.International. B.V. established November, 1992 and located in Breda ,The Netherlands.

M.M.C. is specialized in the production of presumptive Narcotics and Precursors Identification Tests. The Narcotics and Precursors Tests are developed in close cooperation with Police and Customs & Excise authorities.  M.M.C. International has a worldwide network of approx. 50 Distributors.

M.M.C. International’s laboratory is especially focused on the production and development of narcotic identification products. The tests are produced in accordance with the requirements set by Police Forces, Customs & Excise and Forensic Laboratories.

The ampoule tests are filled with special treated solid materials which are impregnated with very high quality reagents and a blanket of high purity nitrogen and hermitically sealed. Each batch is continuously tested and registered.

All products are stamped with a batch number, production and expiry date.

Products: MMC Narcotic Identification Screening Tests, MMC Forensic narcotic tests, MMC Urine Tests.

The major clients are: Police, Customs & Excise, Prisons and Law Enforcement Authorities.

Legal Status:

Chamber of Commerce Registration Number: 20067225
DUNS : 416403384

 M.M.C.International B.V.

Company HQ address:

The Netherlands 
Frankenthalerstraat 16
4816 KA
Breda  The Netherlands
Phone: +31 76 5711140  Fax: +31 765719300


Registrations within the USA :

CCR Date of registration: October 12,2006
CAGE Registration #: ncage , H1V42
ORCA Date of registration: October 17, 2006
Open ratings PPE Federal Government Order # 1162675 10/23/2006
eSRS Date of registration October 23, 2006
NFSTC Evaluation Florida USA

The company is registered as a vendor since 1994 with all UN Organisations under No.149548. 

UNGM (United Nations Global Marketplace) Registration number 149548

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